International Students

Dear International Student:

Thank you for considering DeVry University as you search for colleges and universities in the United States.  There are many factors to think about in selecting a school.  Whether you plan on attending DeVry University, or any other university, there are some immigration requirements that you must fulfill first.

Required Immigration Documentation

All F-1 visa students subject to passport and visa requirements will be admitted to the United States if they have a valid passport, a U.S. entry visa in their passport and a valid I-20 issued from the school they are planning to attend.  Students may also be required to provide proof of financial support at the port of entry (POE).

Admissions Requirements

  • Official transcripts of all high-school and college records.
  • Proof of English proficiency (TOEFL, ESL-intermediate level, IELTS)
  • Official proof of acceptable ACT, SAT or DeVry entrance exam.
  • Documentation of financial support (contact Student Services for exact amount).
  • Additional testing results for students from Bermuda and the Caribbean Islands.

Visa Status

You are strongly encouraged to remain in your home country until you have received your I-20 (application for your F-1 visa) and your F-1 visa.  If you enter the U.S. with a B-2 tourist visa you will be required to change your visa status to F-1 prior to beginning your studies.  Changing visa status is costly and complex.  If you will be entering the country with a B-2 visa, be sure to notify the consular's office of your intention of becoming a student once you are in the U.S.  You may also want to encourage the consular to indicate "prospective student" statement on your visa.  This will help facilitate your change of status from B-2 to F-1.  Remember: there is a fee to change your visa status.

Financing Your Education

During the entire length of your studies in the United States you will not have access to loans, grants or any other form of federally backed financial aid.  You will be required to pay all tuition, fees, books and housing (if you choose to live in DeVry sponsored housing) expenses before completing registration.  You will be eligible to work on campus after the completion of your first semester but on campus jobs are limited.

Transferring From Another U.S. Institution

If you are attending another college or university and do not plan to leave the country and re-enter on the I-20 issued from DeVry, the Department of Homeland Security considers you a transfer student.  To begin the transfer process, you must see your International Student Advisor at your original campus.  It is recommended you begin the process at least four (4) weeks prior to the next start date of classes at DeVry University.

What To Pack

Georgia's climate is relatively mild.  During the summer months the average temperature ranges from 72 degrees F (25 C) to 90 degrees F (29C).  In winter, the temperature range is from 46 degrees F (7C) to 60 degrees F (14C).  However, the temperature may vary from 32 degrees F, or below (0C) in winter to as high as 100 degrees F (34C) in summer.  Be prepared to dress for both cold and hot weather.  Also, the average rainfall in Atlanta and vicinity is 50 inches (1,270 millimeters) per year.

Students dress informally for class - jeans and slacks.  When more formal dress is appropriate/required, women usually wear a dress/suit or a nice pants suit and men wear a shirt and tie or suit. 

Getting To DeVry University

The Hartsfield-Jackson Airport is located in the Southwest section of Atlanta and is the busiest airport in the U.S.  DeVry's Decatur campus is located in the Northeast section of Atlanta, about 45 minutes from the airport; the Alpharetta campus is approximately 45 minutes north of the Decatur campus.  It is recommended that you make arrangements for your transportation from the airport to your campus prior to arrival.  DO NOT CARRY LARGE AMOUNTS OF CASH!  Traveler's checks, credit/debit cards are welcome at most hotels and restaurants.

Medical Insurance

All DeVry University students are required to have basic medical insurance.  Basic emergency medical insurance can be purchased through DeVry and costs approximately $50 per semester.  If you would like more extensive insurance, please come by Student Services for information.


DeVry University has partnered with RnR Real Estate Marketing to provide housing for our students at the Decatur and Alpharetta campuses.  All housing is within a ten (10) mile radius of each campus.  The housing units for Decatur are easily accessible to public transportation (MARTA).  The public transportation system in the Alpharetta area is very limited and thus it is recommended students have their own transportation.  To obtain more complete information, pricing and an application for housing, log on to, click on the state of Georgia and then DeVry.

Getting Around Atlanta

The Atlanta area is serviced by a mass transportation system of buses and trains called MARTA.  The fee to ride one-way is currently $1.50 (exact change required).  An unlimited MARTA pass is available in the bookstore for approximately $13 per week or $40 per month.  We recommend you purchase a monthly pass.  The closest train station to the Decatur campus is about one-half mile from the campus.

Entrance Interview

To better assist you, we request you visit our office (Student Services) within the first week of your arrival.  Please bring your passport, I-94 (arrival/departure record issued at the port of entry) and I-20.  Our office is located within Student Central in Decatur and Student Affairs in Alpharetta.  We are required to keep copies of these documents in your file to meet DHS regulations.

If you arrive in the United States on an F-1 visa with the intention of attending school, but change you mind for any reason, DHS requires that you return your I-20 to the issuing school and leave the country immediately.  Your non-attendance will also be reported the ICE.

If you have any questions that need to be addressed in order to make your decision, feel free to contact me. 

Good luck in your search for a college,

Penny Sawyer


Penny Sawyer

International Student Advisor/ Director of Student Services

250 N. Arcadia Ave

Decatur, GA 30030

Phone: 404-292-7900, ext. 2260

Fax: 404-296-2197



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