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Instructions for Completing An Academic Appeal
Students who have been dismissed for academic/attendance reasons may officially appeal to their Academic Dean.  Students who have been enrolled in a course two times may appeal to enroll for a third time.  All appeals must be in writing using the Academic Appeal Form, along with any documentation.

Official reasons for an academic appeal may include:

Grade Point Average (GPA), Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), Course Multiple Repeat, Override of Prerequisite, Course Overload, etc.

Step 1:  Student will submit a completed copy of the appeal and Degree Navigator full report with course status to their Program Dean with appropriate documentation as listed below:

  • Explanation of problem (s) leading to dismissal.
  • Has the problem (s) been resolved?  If not, what is your proposed solution?
  • Review of earlier appeals if applicable.

Step 2:  Program Dean or Associate Dean will review student explanation and indicate their decision of the appeal.

Step 3:  Review of the appeal may take 2-3 days.

Step 4:  You will be notified by phone when appeal is ready for pick up in Student Central area.  Online students may request to have appeal returned via fax.

Sample Letter of Explanation (.pdf)

If you are ready to complete the Academic Appeal form, please click here. (.pdf)

Additional Helpful Forms:


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