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DeVry University hosts a variety of targeted Career Fairs throughout the academic year. These events are effective methods for employers to connect with new talent and establish a campus presentation

The Career Fair serves as a great educational and pre-recruitment tool, providing employers with an opportunity to network with DeVry's students and graduates, building invaluable relationships on campus. The event also helps to facilitate your corporate branding initiatives on campus, which will ensure future recruiting success. Don't miss this opportunity to establish your organization as an "Employer of Choice" among the DeVry student body.

Resume Referrals - DeVry University maintains a data base of current graduates who are seeking employment in their field. To post a position for these candidates, please contact Cybil Talley at 404-270-2786.

Job Listing Service - We will post your job for students who meet the qualifications you specify, Career Services will pre-screen resumes and submit qualified candidates. A link to a resume bundle of these candidates will be sent via email.

Internships - Employers that are interested in hiring interns should contact Cybil Talley (404-270-2786).

Host Employer Presentations on Campus

Many employers find it beneficial to give presentations to students or hold events on campus. Career Services suggests that you select your event date at least 3 weeks PRIOR to your visit. This will allow Career Services to market the event to students at all of our campuses.

Participate in Mock Interview Events

DeVry University Career Center will host mock interview events throughout the academic year. Corporate participants select one day to visit and conduct practice interviews with our students. This event provides our students with an extraordinary opportunity to gain valuable interviewing experience, while giving employers a great opportunity to network with students. In addition, this event allows you to provide training for line managers or new recruiters in your organization.

The forty-five-minute practice interview gives students the opportunity to practice his/her "sellable" skills and to identify his/her strengths and weaknesses in an interview setting. The time allotted includes a thirty-minute interview, and a fifteen-minute debriefing, during which time the interviewer critiques the student's performance.

To participate in any event, please contact Career Services: Cybil Talley (404-270-2786).

Third Party Recruiting Policy

DeVry University Career Services has incorporated the NACE Principles for Third Party Recruiters.  

Adherence to all NACE principles, specifically those related to and stated within the Principles for Third Party Recruiters.

Access to resumes of DeVry University Georgia/South Carolina students and alumni will be limited to resume referrals when the third-party recruiter agrees to the following conditions:

a) Resumes will be referred only for specific positions. The title of the position and the name of the organization must be indicated at the time of the referral.

b) The client name must be disclosed to Career Services, and the Career Services maintains the right to verify this information with the known client. Although the client information does not need to be listed in the posting, the third-party recruiter must disclose the client name to prospective candidates.

c) Under no circumstances can student information be disclosed for other than recruiting purposes nor can it be sold or provided to other entities outside of the client for whom the resumes are designated.

d) Third party recruiters who directly charge candidates being referred for the position(s) are prohibited from receiving resumes.

Contact Career Services with questions or comments.

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