Constitution Day Challenge Event - - Play Games !! Win !!

Rules of the Game

  1. Play honestly: we are on the honor system, so please play fair.
  2. The Constitution Day Challenge event is open to all students, staff, and faculty with a valid D# and DeVry email.
  3. The Constitution Day Challenge event consistsof 5 games. Play as many games as you would like.
  4. Access games at You do not need to register on the iCivics site to play.
  5. After you finish the game take a screen shot of your score and email it to
  6. All scores need to be in the email box by midnight Tuesday September 17, 2013.
  7. Include your full name and telephone number in your email. This will register you to win.
  8. Please use your DeVry email; it is the only email that will be accepted.
  9. Scores will be posted on our Facebook page by 12 noon Wednesday September 20, 2013. Check to see the winner!

To find us, search for DEVRY UNIVERSITY DECATUR CAMPUS on Facebook.
The player with the most points at the end of the challenge wins! The winner will be notified by email and their first name will be posted on our Facebook page.

    FIRST PLACE:  $25 gift certificate

    If there is a tie, the competing players will answer a question on Facebook and a poll will decide who the winner is. The tie breaker question will be posted on Wednesday 9/18/2013 by 10:00 AM and the polls will be closed by midnight, Wednesday 09/18/2013. The winner will be announced on Thursday, 09/19/2013.


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