Are You the Face of Climate Change?

Join in the Earth Day conversation across the world by accessing this site on Climate Change.

Add your face and message to the Decatur Campus conversation. To see more photos of our campus' Faces of Climate Change, click HERE.

Be on the lookout for our roaming photographer  between April 17-19th. She will be roaming the Decatur Campus to find you.

  • Get spotted
  • Get photographed
  • Tell us your message
  • Become The Face of Climate Change.

Stop by the Decatur library to view the exhibit of  Decatur's Faces of Climate Change.

The Face of Climate Change

Climate change can seem like a remote problem for our leaders, but the fact is that it's already impacting real people, animals, and beloved places.

These Faces of Climate Change are multiplying every day. Fortunately, other Faces of Climate Change are multiplying too: those stepping up to do something about it.

Together, we'll personalize the massive challenge climate change presents by telling the world these stories through images shown at thousands of Earth Day events around the world.

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