APA How To Guide

Sample APA paper

Use this sample paper to format your paper

APA Checklist

Be sure to complete all necessary steps by using this checklist

Other Formatting Issues

Adding a RUNNING HEAD with page numbers

Insert a page number first.

  • START on the SECOND PAGE of your document. Choose "INSERT", Choose "PAGE NUMBER", Choose "TOP OF PAGE" and then choose "Plain Number 1".

Then insert Running Head

  • There are two parts to inserting a running head. First, Double click next to the page number on page 2. This will activate the field so you can edit it.
  • Put your cursor in front of the number and start typing the title your paper. Then hit the space bar to move the number back to the right.
  • Second,go back to the FIRST page. Choose "DIFFERENT FIRST PAGE" from the ribbon at the top of the screen. NOTE: The header will disappear from  the first page after you click on "different first page". Double click in the header box to activate the field so you can edit it.
  • Start typing the words "Running.head:" and then your title, then add the page number (#1).


  • At the HOME tab, click on the arrow to expand the PARAGRAPH box.
  • Then choose the "INDENTS AND SPACING" tab
  • Then choose "INDENTATION"
  • Then choose "HANGING" from the box marked "SPECIAL"
  • Then click "OK"

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