APA citation guide

APA Resources

1- Noodle Tools is available at www.library.devry.edu 

2- The OWL at Purdue - APA citation guide.

3- Tutorials are available on the DeVry National Library Website.

Each database automatically provides citations for articles. These citations are not always formatted correctly so be sure to check a citation guide.

NOTE: Be sure to check your citations. Make sure you are using hanging indentations and the citations are in alphabetical order.

External links are provided for your benefit only, and should not be construed as an endorsement by DeVry University.


  • Citations reflect the careful and thorough work you have put into exploring your sources.
  • Citations help readers understand the context of your argument
  • Citations allow you to acknowledge those authors who contributed to your learning and your work.
  • Citations, draw attention to the originality and legitimacy of your own ideas.

By citing sources you demonstrate your integrity and skill as a responsible student and participant in your field of study.


  • Plagiarism occurs when you use someone else's ideas and PRETEND they are your own. 
  • It's a widely known secret that in fact you CAN use other peoples' ideas and even their words.
  • For many research papers you NEED to do this in order to prove your own points.
  • The trick is to acknowledge who these expert ideas really belong to by CITING them!

Adapted from University At Albany (2010). When and Why to Cite Sources. Retrieved from http://library.albany.edu/usered/cite/citing.html


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